Babies are always full of surprises and it is a treasure to have a baby and see the baby grow up with time. The giggle of a bay can take away all your stress and tensions and put a smile on your lips as well. A parent starts planning things the moment they get the news of the pregnancy and the planning does not stop for the next few years. There is a need to construct a room for the baby, brings things that the baby would need, decorate the room, buy toys and beds for the baby and many more things.

The list seems to be endless. Doctors recommend that the baby must be kept near to the parents for the starting months of its life as it helps the baby is growing up in the right manner. A mother’s touch, feeling of being safe with parents around is very important. Also, babies tend to dream more often and when they dream something obnoxious they tend to get scared and wake up crying.

A mother is a need in such situations and hence it is preferred to keep the baby nearby allotting it with a sleeping space near the parent’s bed. It is obviously not recommended to make the baby share the same bed as adult’s as there are chances you would end up hurting the baby. It a delicate piece of flesh and bones and hence one must take care of every single thing as responsible and alert parents. Babies grow in their sleep and hence it is important to let them have a sound and peaceful sleep that does not get interrupted in any form.

Some of the decisions are hard to make when buying things for the baby. For example- a crib or a pack n play. Each of these has some pros and cons and hence one need to go for a detailed search for finding out the best. One must know that each and everything has evolved with time and so are the crib and pack n plays and hence one need to make the right choice by exploring all the options available.

A crib is ultimate for a baby till 3 years of age. It provides baby with sound and comfortable sleep, it can restrict the child attend to escape the bed and it can also hold a baby that is capable of standing in the crib itself. Height adjustable cribs are there in the market that helps one in reducing the height as the baby grows in order to make sure that the baby does not escape from the crib at any moment. But then a crib cannot be carried from one place to other. It is good for keeping the crib at home and attaches it to the bedside at night but one cannot feel free after buying a crib if one travels a lot.

Pack n plays, on the other hand, can be a great solution for a person who travels a lot but again is not an ultimate solution if not chosen wisely. As the name suggests pack n play is a portable play yard for the toddler. A baby can play in it and sleep when needed with ease. It can be taken from one place to other and hence is really convenient to use.

Pack n plays have wheels in it that simplifies the movement and the wheels are lockable so as to ensure that the baby does not start moving on its own. Mothers need some alone time when they have to complete the daily coarse or go to the washroom and in such cases pack n plays are the best that would keep the baby safe and entertained while the mother completes her work without having to worry about the baby.

There are some guidelines for the people who are thinking of purchasing pack n play for the first time-

  • No matter if you already have a crib and still want to give your baby a portable play yard, one must always go for a model that is well built in every aspect.
  • Choose the design properly so that it can restrict the baby from escaping.
  • Choosing the right mattress is important.
  • Lightweight designs are easy to carry and hence one must look at the weight of the product before purchasing.
  • Modern day’s products have eco-friendly elements involved in it and hence one must go for the product that looks reliable and vows for the best safety.

In order to provide your baby with the best comfort while sleeping or while playing one must pick, clean and set up for the pack n play. The instruction to pick, clean and set up for the pack n play is all mentioned in the guide book provided along with the product.

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