One of the worst things that we have to come to face as we enter adulthood is the horrible reality of having to be responsible and paying bills. On the flip side though, we gain a better understanding of how even the smallest details of things around us work. With the passage of time, bills rise. But do we understand why? Today, we’re going to focus on water bills in particular. What makes one bill seem higher than the other? What is it that we are doing or utilizing that makes it such an expensive commodity? And most of all, what is it that we can do in order to fix this problem and gain control over how much water we use, and how much we pay. 


This is probably the most common cause of the spike in your water bills. And this is because there are a couple of areas from which leaks can occur. It can be from the toilet- keep in mind, as it is, the toilet is probably where we consume the most water, so the prospect of having a leak related to the toilet is not a good thing at all. If you hear a weird sound coming from the toilet, or can actually see the water coming down, then you have a leaky toilet. You would also need to check the seals and the flush. 

The same goes for faucets- it’s not always easy to catch a leaky faucet, because it may be doing so very slowly, and sometimes you can notice if the area around it is always wet or there’s a slight drip. The most troublesome leak will be taking place in the internal piping, in the irrigation system. Whichever the leaking case, it’s advisable that you contact a plumber immediately. Locals living in Perth, Australia, for example, know that while taking a shot at these things by themselves may be a hit or miss, it’s always better to contact a water leak detection plumber located in Perth who will understand how to locate the source of the issue and how best to take care of it. You should do the same, wherever you are. Ask a friend for a reliable plumber or go online and see who the best is.


You need to be aware of what kind of equipment you have in your household, and how much water it consumes. Things like washing machines, pool equipment, garden sprinklers, and so on, are items that you can’t do without but are consuming a considerable amount of water. So how is this manageable? Technology has come a long way, and before you purchase any of these items, do your research first and make sure that they are high-efficiency products, which have been designed to save as much water as possible and still function well.


Last but not least, you must go over your habits that include water consumption. When you brush your teeth, turn the tap off. The same goes for when you have a shower, you don’t need to have the shower on the whole time- when you shampoo or scrub your body, turn the shower off. You’ll be surprised by how much water you save when you collectively add those minutes of conscious saving.

If there’s one less bill that we have to worry about because we’ve learned how to manage it, then why not! The more you know about your consumption habits and possible faulty issues that can be fixed, the better we are at saving money and living responsibly without stress.

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