If you really take the time to think about it, you’ll come to the conclusion that the Internet is probably humanity’s greatest invention. Everything we do in life at this age is connected to the Internet, one way or another. From hospitals to construction sites, every business is in need of the Internet and some are even solely based on it. Fifteen years ago you couldn’t possibly imagine that being the case. Internet was available for a few and it was slow, expensive, and not nearly as important and impactful as it is today. In the future, there’s no telling how much more will be dependent on the Internet, but probably much more is the answer.


With the intense competition between Internet providers and the different offers each presents, the choice becomes a little bit harder.


Internet in the United States

Internet providers have come and go in the United States, but some lasted the test of time and have been around for as long as the Internet as we know it today has been there. Due to the topography and nature of the United States, Internet service providers don’t have access to all states.


With over 300 million users, most Americans have access to or use the Internet, making it one of the largest markets worldwide. It makes sense, thus, United States ranks first in the world with around 7000 Internet service providers! It’s a bit obvious then, that the choice that lies ahead is not an easy one. Having to choose between this many service providers can be a daunting task, so we’ll offer some tips to help make the task a bit easier.


How to Choose an Internet Service Provider


Look for budget bundles

Well, it goes without saying saving money is always going to be a priority. That is why you should look for those providers who offer the best Internet bundles. Luckily, almost all of them do, and they offer more than just Internet. You can check tripleplaybundle.com to get an idea about some of the available bundles by some of the biggest Internet providers. What’s even better is that they offer not only the Internet, but also digital channels and other options to cater to their clientele. For example, Verizon Fios offers over 900 Mbps of Internet speed along with almost 200 digital channels, for the price of 79.99 US dollars per month.


On the other hand, AT&T offers TV channels as a courtesy of its deal with DIRECTV in their deal “DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle.” The bundle offers TV and Internet, with free setup and free HD DVR, and over 150 channels at 75 dollars per month.


There are plenty of bundles you can choose from and saving money is not a luxury in this economy.


Coverage and speeds

Probably the most important factor in determining your Internet service provider is where you live. Studies show that the majority of Americans have access to 2 or fewer providers, satellite providers aside as those are accessible from everywhere. So, you’re going to have to ask around to know which providers are available in your area, before getting into other details.


You should also know the types of available Internet types before making the choice:


DSL: digital subscriber line, this is an Internet service delivered to your home through an already existing phone line. It’s considered to be the cheapest form of Internet and its speed vary from 11 Mbps (or less!) to 25 Mbps, and newer lines go up to 100 Mbps. Problem with DSL is, the further you are away from the service provider, the slower the Internet’s going to be.


Cable: Internet through cable is delivered through your cable service. The speeds are usually higher than DSL, but the downside is it’s shared with your neighborhood. So basically the Internet might be slower in busy hours, which doesn’t happen with DSL. If you use the Internet during non-peak times, then the cable is a good idea because you’ll probably save money.


Fiber Optic Internet

One of the newer forms of Internet, Fiber Optic Internet works pretty close to the DSL, only much faster. The speeds can sometimes reach well over 500 Mbps! They even recorded speeds in terabits in an experiment with fiber lines last year. So this is basically the future of the Internet. The upside is the prices are pretty close to the DSL, with much better speed.



As the name suggests, the Internet reaches your home via satellite service. Problem with satellite Internet is it’s a bit slow and could suffer from a few malfunctions, but if you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are it’s going to be your only option.


Customer Service

You can’t stress the importance of this one. Internet will have problems; some days it’ll be slow and others the service will crash completely. Being able to convey your frustration and inquiries to your service provider is an integral part of the service that cannot be overlooked. You can’t afford to call and be kept on hold for hours on end and eventually get the good old “have you tried restarting the router?” as a solution to your problems.


Most Well-Known Internet Service Providers

Before we got onto tips on how to choose the most suitable Internet service provider, you need to know which are the most famous and biggest in the US.



Known for its stellar customer service, AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company and the second largest provider of mobile telephone services.



Verizon Fios, the Internet access service provider by Verizon INC., has one of the fastest Internet fiber connections in the whole world.



A provider of satellite-based Internet, HughesNet is considered to be the best in that niche.


Frontier Communications

Frontier is another telecommunications company based in the United States, and it provides the best value for money in the pack.



This company is known for being one of the fastest cable Internet service providers.



Fastest max speeds.


When you’re looking for an Internet provider, you need to save money while getting the best available service there is. That’s why you should look for bundles that give you options for better value. Doing so, you can get the required speed you want along with other options like TV channels and exclusive subscriptions like Amazon Prime and the likes. There are plenty of factors that come into play while choosing the service provider, and going for bundles should definitely be on top of those factors.

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