Water conservation has perhaps been the primary focus of irrigation-technology innovation in the past few decades. Manufacturers of sprinkler systems have put endless efforts into building new products that answer to the global need for responsible water consumption.

As a result, many products in the market today are geared toward helping homeowners take their own part in this collective social responsibility and save money by doing so. Sprinkler system innovations, however, are not only limited to products that help you conserve water. Irrigation tech nowadays is designed to use the least amount of water possible and make sure that water is used to maximum efficiency.

Explore this new-generation water-irrigation tech in the following list.

Smart Controllers

One of the most common issues with conventional watering systems is that they either cause too little or too much watering—both of which can end up damaging your lawn and costing you hundreds of dollars in your water bill.

Smart controllers do away with the problem by automating the irrigation time. The very first prototypes of smart controllers allow you to set the clock so your irrigation system will only start doing its job at specific times during the day.

More advanced controllers nowadays are better equipped. Some are fitted with rain sensors, some monitor satellite data, and there are others with the capacity to monitor environmental temperatures so they can water your lawn on an as-needed basis.

Many sprinkler-system controllers made in the last decade can be turned to a smart controller for a cost. Sprinkler systems with smart controllers can reduce average lawn water use by 20 percent.

Matched Precipitation (MP) Nozzles

Reserved for pop-up spray heads, MP nozzles are basically retrofit tools—meaning, you can equip them into your existing sprays without the need for replacement.

MP nozzles turn your spray heads into rotating nozzles. They offer highly efficient irrigation across a wide variety of applications. This tech dispenses streams of water to the target landscape at a slow and steady rate to give time to the soil to evenly soak the water in.

This process eliminates wasteful runoff and results in 30 percent less water use compared to traditional sprays.

MP rotators like Hunter nozzles even cut through wind by sending out heavier water droplets so the water is delivered exactly where it is intended even in disturbed weather. These nozzles work best when used uniformly across your target landscape since they are not meant to be mismatched.

But you don’t need to worry about the cost. In fact, the low flow rates of the sprays make it possible for you to fit more heads in one zone, thereby decreasing the cost that goes to material and labor. More heads in a zone mean fewer valves and less wiring, fewer pipes, and even smaller controllers.

Toro Nozzles

Toro nozzles pride themselves on being the “most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available to help irrigation professionals manage water use, eliminate runoff and reduce customer water bills.” Like MP nozzles, Toro designs are also retrofit tools that maximize water use efficiency and contribute to material and labor cost savings.

Toro nozzles are revolutionized with a patented H²0 Chip Technology that produces high-frequency oscillating streams that helps reduce average water usage by 35 percent. Its precision series sprays is the first in the industry to provide an inch-per-hour precipitation rate to better match the soil’s infiltration rate. Its low precipitation rate, coupled with a high distribution uniformity, makes Toro nozzles some of the most efficient nozzles available in the market today.

Final Word

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth. Yet it’s often taken for granted. Doing your part in conserving water may seem like a small thing, but if more people choose to shoulder their own small parts, the difference that this collective effort can do will be globally significant.

That, on top of paying less money, saving more effort, and enjoying a flawlessly beautiful lawn.

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