What is a Smart Deadbolt?

A smart deadbolt is a device similar to a normal deadbolt but comes along with a lot of cool features and connectivity to a Wi-Fi network. It is an internet-connected device that sends a notification to your smartphone when a guest arrives at the door. Some deadbolts activate with the press of the button, while some sense a guest with its motion sensors that are inbuilt.

These systems also have high-definition infrared camera and microphone built-in and offer us the kind of technology that was unheard of a decade ago. You can see who the visitor is and communicate with them via your smartphone without having to open the door. You can also capture videos or even open the door to your guest remotely with a smart pin code.

Smart deadbolts offer a high level of security and privacy that also provides the users with peace of mind and the magic of a connected home. One of the important advantages of a smart doorbell is that, you can ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your home from anywhere.

If you are unsure about what kind of smart deadbolt you should opt for or about the features it has, you would find it difficult to select the right one. But do not worry; we are here to help you with the purchase process of the perfect smart deadbolt for your home. This article is filled with detailed research and information about smart deadbolts that will help you make an informed decision for your security.

Schlage Deadbolt

Schlage is a very famous lock manufacturing company which is almost a century old. It was founded in the year 1920 by Walter Schlage in San Francisco. Schlage produces amazing high-security keys, door knobs, smart deadbolts, levers, doorbells, keypads, cylinder lines and locks. It is one of the most popular brands that produce the best commercial and consumer locks in the US. In the last decade, Schlage has come up with some really amazing designs of smart doorbells that are the internet connected and provide safety and security to your home.

Variants of Schlage Smart Deadbolts

Here are the three most reliable smart deadbolts from Schlage that you can consider for the security of your home:


Schlage Touch Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Deadbolt with Accent Lever
Schlage Touch with Accent Lever

The Schlage Touch is a powerful and strong yet slim and stylish device. If you are someone who goes in and out of the house several times, then this is the device for you. It has a 100% pick-proof lock that makes your life easy and keyless. You can add up to 19 friends and family members in its memory who can enter your home without a key by just entering a code in its touchpad.

With this device installed at your home, you can leave the keys in your pocket or car and enter your home by just entering a code. The door automatically locks behind you once you enter the home. The Schlage Touch has a built-in alarm that will start alerting you if someone tries to tamper the lock or break in. The quality and functionality of this device is simply outstanding.


The Schlage Touch has great looks and comes with four different designs to choose from that can match any kind of door decor. The outer face of the smart doorbell features the touchscreen that illuminates the numbers with soft blue light when touched. This makes it easy to use at night. The touchscreen has a bumpy matte finish that is fingerprint-proof, but it also makes the screen a little less responsive.

The lock comes with a 4 digit code as well as a 6 digit advanced code. There are 3 types of motion sensing alarms. You can adjust the sensitivity accordingly for all 3 modes. If you purchase the Nexia Bridge home automation control unit, you can sync your Schlage Touch to your smartphone, tablet or computer and control it remotely. You can also connect it with your lights, AC, thermostat etc.


Schlage Sense Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
Schlage Sense Deadbolt

The Schlage Sense comes with a simple design, convenient features, and a mobile app. It easily detects when the door is unlocked using a key or the keypad. It sends you alerts if your security is at risk. The built-in siren of the lock activates as soon as someone tries to open your door.

The design of the Schlage Sense is quite appealing. It comes in two styles with three different finishes that can easily match the décor of your home. It is a self-contained smart lock and requires a compatible smartphone for regular use.

You can set the auto-lock feature between 15 seconds to 4 minutes to lock the door automatically.

The mobile app of Schlage Sense has a very simple and easy to use layout, where you can add or remove your list of guests with ease. You can assign up to 30 codes for guests and share it with them via email or text message.

For the smart home platform, it is compatible with Apple HomeKit, but not with other platforms like Nest or Z-Wave. For using the video doorbell feature, it is necessary for the Schlage Sense to be compatible with Apple HomeKit. It also uses Bluetooth for communicating with all iOS devices, but it is not compatible with the Android devices, which is the biggest drawback.

Though the Schlage Sense has remote access feature, it requires you to have an Apple TV to connect to the lock. Overall, the Schlage Sense is a great addition to converting your home into a smart home.


Schlage Connect Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Deadbolt
Schlage Connect Deadbolt

The Schlage Connect has a very refined look, comes in two styles with each style having 6 finishing choices. It has some really noteworthy and dependable features for securing your home. The keypad is large with numbers back lit and the touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant. But the inside of the door has a bulky appearance.

The auto-lock feature activates after 30 seconds of unlocking, but it lacks detection of closed doors. It does not have an auto-unlock feature, which makes it more secure overall. The Schlage Connect stores up to 30 different user codes, which you can enable and disable any time you want. You can share these codes with your guests via email or text message.

Schlage Connect has an awesome built-in alarm sensor that has 3 different security options: Activity, Tamper, and Forced Entry. Each setting can be adjusted along with the sensitivity of the alarm. A unique feature of Schlage Connect is the tamper alert that starts ringing immediately when the lock is disturbed.

Schlage Connect does not have its own mobile app or a Bluetooth connection; it depends on a smart home hub to enable a few features. The main control feature of Schlage Connect is a Z-Wave chip that is built-in. iOS app, Android app, integrated video doorbell and various other control features are available only with an automation system enabled.

The Z-wave integration is so seamless, simple and easy to use, and has a number of intuitive and effective features at your fingertips. You can set custom notifications through your smart hub that will alert you of any kind of lock activity. You can connect the lights, security camera, AC, thermostat etc., and access them remotely with the tap of a button.

With all these and many more features, the Schlage Connect is definitely a smart option for your home security.


Schlage Touch

Schlage Touch

Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense

Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect

High-tech home automation featuresWorks well with Apple’s smart home framework and Apple home kit compatibleZ-wave compatible
User friendlySimple and intuitiveEasy to use
Loud alarmBuilt in tamper alarmBuilt in tamper alarm
Simple installationEasy to installEasy and simple installation
Can set up to 19 user access codesSets 30 user access codesSets up to 30 user access codes
Bumpy matte finish and illuminated touchscreenIlluminated touchscreenFingerprint resistant and illuminated touchscreen
Very functionalAmazing security and durabilityRefined and dependable
Number of colors and finishes to match your home décorNumerous designs to match your home decorComes in variety of designs and colors
Stylish looksVoice-activated Siri controlRobust feature list


Steps to Connect Schlage Sense to Apple TV

There are a lot of smart-home controls that are built-in on your iPad or iPhone, but if you want to use voice command Siri when you are not at home, you will have to add Apple TV to your setup. Adding Apple TV to your setup is a handy way of extending your reach of smart home gadgets that use Bluetooth.

The Schlage Sense is compatible and works with Apple HomeKit, which means that remote access is available via Apple TV. For this, your Apple TV must be within the range of your Bluetooth lock.

Follow the steps given below to add Apple TV to your setup:

  • First, make sure that your Apple device is updated to the latest version of Apple TV software.
  • Now, install the Schlage Sense App and use it to add the Sense lock to your home for added security. Follow the steps provided by the App to complete the pairing process.
  • Next, go to HomeKit’s settings on your iPhone and tap on“Allow remote access”.
  • Now, connect Apple TV to your iCloud account. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud and connect it.

You have successfully added Apple TV to your setup. Now you can use the Schlage Sense from Apple HomeKit.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone and use either the Schlage Sense App or Siri voice control to operate and control your door lock. The app may take a few seconds to respond while connecting remotely as compared to connecting using Bluetooth.

There are several other manufacturers as well that deal with smart doorbells and locks, which clearly means that Schlage has got a few competitors out there. Let us have a look at a few more products from other companies and compare them with Schgale.

Lockitron Bolt Deadbolt

lockitron bolt
Lockitron Bolt

The Lockitron Bolt is basically a remake of the older version with some significant changes and added features. It has got some excellent and reliable features. The product is very robust and offers a lot of functionalities. Though it has replaced the company’s original product, this smart lock has several essential updates.

It does not have built-in Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connectivity comes via an external unit “Bridge”. Bridge allows you to connect to the company’s website. By connecting to the website of the company, you will have control on your smart lock no matter where you go.

The Lockitron Bolt is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices. You can access your smart lock on these devices with the help of the Lockitron and can also share instant access with friends and family.

Bridge uses Bluetooth in order to connect to the web. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can grant others access to your home. The Bluetooth door lock also replaces your bolt lock.  The Lockitron Bolt still works without Bridge connectivity at your door. Bridge acquisition is optional while it is recommended. The remote access is not there in the base package. But the updated Lockitron Bolt smart lock gives you consistent power for local use with Bluetooth and web accessibility with Bridge, also enabling the remote access.

The Lockitron Bolt notifies you whenever someone is at your door, knocks at the door or rings the doorbell. You can let anyone enter your home with the help of a virtual key. As soon as your door lock is opened, you will immediately receive an email. With a lot of new features and the essence of old features, the Lockitron Bolt is all set to rule the market.

Kwikset Premis Deadbolt

Kwikset Premis
Kwikset Premis

The Kwikset Premis Homekit provides an easy and secure way of controlling home security using an iPhone or iPad. The SmartKey system allows you to re-key your own locks, which means there will be fewer keys on your keychain. The Kwikset also comes with the advantage of patented security features like SmartKey and SecureScreen.

The Kwikset Premis has a very decent smart lock, a good-looking build, a well-designed Kwikset app that has numerous features and also excellent controls that can manage multiple users. It has no exterior LEDs or digital chimes.

You can program different codes for yourself, family members, friends, housekeepers and name them. They can easily get in and out of the home without requiring keys. You will receive immediate notifications via the iOS whenever the door locks and unlocks. You can assign a 4-8 digit code and choose what time those codes will work without having to give 24/7 access to everyone.

One drawback is that you won’t be able to access the lock outside the Bluetooth range unless you have an Apple TV that can act as a relay.  The touchpad is also a little less responsive.

It works with Apple Homekit, the smart-home control service. You can lock or unlock the doors by commanding Siri to do so, you can remote access via Apple TV and also lock the door while keeping your pad on lockdown. The “Code Disabled” mode is another brilliant feature that deactivates all the codes temporarily and restricts to keyed entry only.

Schlage vs Lockitron vs Kwikset – Comparison Chart

Now that we have given a brief description of both the smart locks and their features, below we are providing a comparison table of all the 3 smart locks, Schlage Sense, Kwikset Premis HomeKit and Lockitron Bolt.

Schlage SenseKwikset Premis HomeKitLockitron Bolt
Works well with Apple’s smart home framework and Apple home kit compatibleApple home kit compatibleDoes not support Apple
Simple and intuitive appWell-designed app with numerous featuresExternal unit called “Bridge” supports a lot of features
Easy to installEasy installation processEasy and quick installation
Amazing security and durabilityExcellent security systemNew and enhanced security system
Voice-activated Siri controlVoice activated Siri controlNo voice control
Sets 30 user access codesNumerous codes can be programmedNo codes introduced yet
Numerous designs to match your home decorOnly one designOne standard design
Illuminated touchscreenNo digital chimes or exterior LEDNo LED screen
No notificationMessage notification on use of doorEmail notification on door usage
Built in tamper alarmNo tamper alarmNo tamper alarm



So this is a detailed review of a few of the best smart deadbolts in the market. We hope that this article has helped you in having a deep understanding about the working of smart deadbolts.

Choosing a smart deadbolt for your home is not an easy task, but after comparing the features, drawbacks, and level of security of the above mentioned Schlage and other smart deadbolts, you can select the best one for your security.

Smart deadbolts are a great investment, so choose only the best model to have superior safety and protection features.

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