Insulation is a very vital aspect of your house as it protects you from extreme weather conditions. However, when your house insulation goes bad, it may cause you a lot of problems which can escalate and cause actual harm. For example, poor insulation can cause you discomfort or even danger as the temperature regulation and air quality are compromised. When insulation becomes damp, has deteriorated, or been infested by pests, it needs to be replaced.  It is not easy to tell that your insulation needs to be removed but worry not! Here are a few signs that will show you that you need insulation replacement;

1. Changing temperature in your house.

If you notice the temperature in your house is changing regularly, then this may be a sign that the insulation in your attic or crawl space needs to be replaced. Most times, the variation in temperature is as a result of the insulation shifting, thus allowing heat and cold air into your house. This will, in turn, compromise your heating and cooling system’s attempts to regulate the temperature inside your house. Sometimes, this problem can be fixed by simply resetting your insulation or adding extra batting. However, most times, you will need to replace your insulation.

2. Wet insulation

In case your insulation becomes damp, sopping wet, or moist, there is nothing that can be done to fix it. The insulation must be replaced. If you have blocked vents, a basement flood, a leaking roof, or the absence of vapor barriers, your insulation can get wet. Moisture can render your insulation ineffective. This results from the air pockets essential for trapping air and regulating temperature, being filled with water instead. Worse still, it can cause mold to grow, thus releasing life-threatening myotoxins into your house.

3. High energy bills

High energy bills are a good indication that your insulation has problems. Inefficient insulation in your house causes the weather outside to sneak into your home. During the summer, your air conditioner is forced to work twice as hard. During the winter the heater must work extra hard to keep your home at an appropriate and comfortable temperature as well. This results in a dramatic rise in energy costs. If you are experiencing this, it is essential that you have insulation removal and replacement as soon as possible.

4. Pest infestation

If animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, bats and such have made your attic and crawlspace their home, then it is time for a replacement. Getting rid of the animals will not fix your problems, as they may have already left grime and feces on your insulation. It may also be possible that some of them have left their young ones or developing eggs hidden there. Even if there are no visible signs of that, it is vital to have your insulation inspected. If you find out that the damage cannot be reversed, it might just be time for new insulation.

Take Away

You cannot live in a house which has damaged, inadequate or no insulation at all, especially if you live in extreme weather.  If it turns out that your insulation is damaged after identifying some of the signs as mentioned above, have it replaced as soon as you can.

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