Want to sleep better? Well go against the grain and get some better tech in your bedroom – it will make the difference.


Smart technology can make your room more comfortable, safer and cleaner and these are the gadgets that will help.




Similar in size and shape to a Pringles can, Alexa is a voice-controlled speaker that is, in and of itself, a virtual assistant. All you have to do is give it the voice command for the task you wish it to accomplish and it will do so. It’s as simple as “Alexa, turn up the heat” and you’ll be able to turn up the heat without having to get out of bed. It couldn’t be simpler. Of course, you do have to have the right type of thermostat and have it all set up to work together. Alexa will also tell you a joke if you ask it to or give you the latest in the sports scores. Need to convert pounds to kilograms or Celsius to Fahrenheit? Alexa is able to do all of this for you. Need some music on in the background? Just let Alexa know what you need and you’ll have it. You can also change the “word” so that you don’t have to say “Alexa” if you wish. Readily available in white or black you can find the ideal way to order your Uber, find out what your Fitbit weight is and more. There are a few minor issues, however, you’ll have to set everything up to work together or you’re going to have some hiccups in the system.




The nest is available in a variety of anodized aluminum finishes. It can be mounted on a wall or set on a stand. It will work together with your boiler to control your water heating, radiator and more. All of this is done wirelessly and you can set it to turn things up or down whether you’re at home or not. This can save you a lot of energy and you can use your smartphone to change things if you are going to be later or earlier. It gently encourages you via a reminder to turn your heating up or down. You’ll get an energy summary monthly in your email. It will note, during the first week, the times that you turn the heat up or down. It will design and create a timetable that will work automatically. It works well with Google, and installation by a Nest approved agent will go quickly if you prefer a professional installation. You can also install and set it up yourself. While it won’t work with all heating systems, their website will guide you through the process and help you to determine if it will work for yours.


Nest IQ


This smart advanced camera is Nests latest security measure. It also looks great. With a high-quality lens and a great digital sensor, if it sees an intruder, it will alert you and stream the footage so that if you need to use it as evidence, it will be available and useful. The clever software helps you to zoom in on a person and follow them around as they intrude upon your home. With facial recognition software, you can use it with Nest Aware that has an annual subscription fee. It even sees well in the dark and has a speaker and microphone so you can communicate with the system regardless of where you are. You can pre-order this now and delivery will be within just a few short weeks.


Amerisleep Mattress


An Amerisleep mattress can be a great addition to your bedroom space and this high tech form of mattress is a lovely addition to the bedroom. It’s been created from a number of different quality materials to ensure the best sleep possible.


Eve Power Switch


This smart power switch is an easy way to break into automating your own home. The HomeKit device plugs into a wall socket and then all you have to do is plug in your fan, light, kettle or any other item and set it up. You can work it remotely and monitor your electrical consumption. It can also calculate the price of the usage.


Dyson Eye


This robot Vac hasn’t disappointed yet! While this one does have a high price tag, it’s small and compact and requires minimal storage space. Easy to use, just leave it on the charger and press the button to get it started. It will work its way methodically in and around your home. If it gets stuck, it will shut itself off. It also navigates its way right back to safety and will restart. Easy to program, you’ll love it.


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