Every home requires a bit of attention and care. Even after the renovation you sometimes need a lot of things to do at your home. Many essential things such as power point, an Internet point, bed, shelves, desks, etc. may break down and need a complete replacement. At such time you may need a professional to install the things again. Many people try to do those repairing themselves but if you call a professional then your job will be done more perfectly and also in lesser time. But in Singapore, it is never easy to get a good handyman until and unless you have good contact with them. That is the reason in this article why we have come with some top class handyman Singapore that can provide you the best and reliable service:

  • LS Handyman Singapore: LS Handyman is one of the best handyman service providers in Singapore. No matter whether you need a painting service or emergency lockouts or installation of sinks, power point, shelves, etc. LS handyman will provide you the top quality service. The best thing with LS handyman is that they have a large number of experienced and well-trained staff who provides you the best service. They always use the best equipment and technology which ensures high-quality work. So if have an emergency you can call them at (65) 6631 8968 and you will get your things repaired within an hour.
  • Joydom Engineering: Joydom engineering is a one-stop shop for all household and commercials. No matter whether your problem is big or small Joydom engineering comes up with a solution for all kinds of problem. Joydom engineering is a very versatile handyman service provider that can perform all kind of work starting from furniture assembly to TV bracket installation or any kind of polish work. Joydom engineering has established its name in the reputed brand of handyman service in Singapore. You can call at (65) 8163 2621 if you need the service of Joydom Engineering.
  • NTUC income home services referrals: NTUC income home services referrals are completely trustworthy and reliable handyman service providers in Singapore that has been providing its outstanding service since its inception. The best feature that you will get in NTUC  income home services referrals is that they provide 90 days warranty on all their services. That means if you once avail any of their services then they do not charge anything extra if things go wrong and they have to come again for repairing the same. They provide all kinds of handyman service such as carpentry, plumbing, painting, installation or repairing of the appliance, etc. If you need their service you can call at (65) 6788 8788.    
  • SGHomeNeeds: SGHomeNeeds is a top class handyman service provider in Singapore that deals everything in innovative and successful ways. It has a team of a highly experienced and trained handyman that includes carpenter, plumber, electrician, interior designer, pest controller, etc. Due to the outstanding and swift service of handyman, SGHomeNeeds has received many thumbs-up from their satisfied customers. SGHomeNeeds is expert in dealing with any kind of installation, repairs and home improvements. So if you need any assistance you can undoubtedly call the handyman service of SGHomeNeeds and you just need to dial on (65) 3159 1485.
  • Fixwerks: Last but not the east Fixwerks is another name in our list which provides excellent handyman service throughout Singapore. Fixwerks has a highly knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced team and so no matter whatever the work is they will always come up with the best solution. The best thing with Fixwerks is that they do not have any type of hidden fees or sneaky costs. The technician of Fixwerks always remains ready to help its customer and they will go wherever you call them and provide you the best service. So, if you have kind of issue with your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer machine, oven stove, etc. you can call Fixwerks no matter in which part of Singapore you stay, the technician will go to your hand and complete the task without any extra charges. So, if you want to avail the service of Fixwerks you have to dial on (65) 6765 8890.
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