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More and more, gardening is taking over in terms of hobbies across all age groups. Even the younger crowd has become more and more involved in growing their own food and beautiful plants. The calming and singular focus of a task like gardening has been beneficial for people, especially those who spend their days in the city, sitting in traffic, completing tasks in the office. 

So how does one even start gardening? Do you need to have that proverbial “green thumb,” or are there techniques that allow people of all experience levels to get their first few wins in the garden? The experts at gardeningmentor.com firmly believe this can be learned easily, and with a little enthusiasm, you will find that gardening is the most rewarding hobby of all. 

There are a bunch of tips and techniques that you can follow in order to develop your own green thumb. 

What to grow?

So the first thing you want to do is figure out what you want to grow. There’s a whole host of reasons to garden. You can plant flowers and bushes for the aesthetic you’re looking for. You can plant your own vegetables and tubers to harvest when you want to, you can even play the long game and plant fruit trees so that decades down the line, you’ll have a constant and bountiful source of tasty treats!

Where to grow it

After you’ve figured out what you want to plant, find an adequate location. Flowers and herbs can be cared for and grown in pots around the apartment. Things like hedges and trees, for obvious reasons, need larger plots of land with unencumbered soil access and growth potential. Plan out your garden beds in advance. It may be tempting to grow things out in a row, but for home gardening, individual beds dug out of the ground tends to work a lot better. You may even want to consider making a vertical garden for things like tomatoes, berries, grains, etc.

Test your soil

Assuming you’re already invested in a good gardening tool set, it’s time to test your soil. Getting a test done on your soil ensures that what you decide to plant actually grows. The most basic and important test is the pH test. This determines if your soil is more acidic or alkaline. Now, we all know that alkalinity is the new fad health thing, but that’s far from true—even gardening. Most garden plants prefer a neutral soil of around pH 7. But there are exceptions to this rule. Potato varieties tend to prefer more acidic soil and mustard plants tend to prefer a more alkaline soil. It all depends on what you’re growing

Till and plant!

Now that you’ve got all that information you can get down to the soil business. Till it, mulch it up, and make it as well-tuned as you can. You can throw in some mulch and a bit of compost into your mix. Add earthworms to the mix and let it sit for up to a week. Be sure the soil is moist but not totally dry. From there, you can start planting your seeds! Most seeds prefer to be planted about 3-4 times its diameter into the ground. That means if you’ve got seeds that are an inch in diameter, you’re looking to plant about 3 inches deep. 

And that’s it! Follow the above tips, do appropriate research, be consistent and nurture your plants well and be sure to enjoy your new hobby and the literal fruits of your labor! 

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