There is a diverse range of applications for which thermal imaging technology is used, especially in the industrial sectors. Thermal imaging is primarily used in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, and the list of benefits are endless. It is therefore essential to consider infrared thermal imaging inspection.

In the article, you will get to know and understand the key benefits of thermal imaging technology. Check out these benefits:

  • Saving clients money

By using thermal imaging technology, you will be saving a lot of money. A major benefit is that thermal imaging will be able to detect faulty components or systems very quickly during the inspection. In such cases, the company will have time to plan and also conduct remedial work that can be completed within the scheduled maintenance window.

Another savings benefit due to early detection of faulty systems is that you will be able to avoid damages, especially to the entire operations system. You can save yourself from costly repairs, as well as save money that could have been lost under unexpected downtime.

  • Zero downtime

There will be no need to interfere or interact with your staff or equipment when thermal imaging technology is inspecting any risks or faulty systems that may be present and as such, thermographers are able to carry out the thermal analysis inspections while your equipment or plant is still operating. You do not have to shut down operations to have a thermal imaging inspection and therefore end up having zero downtime.

  • Accurate and speed

Another essential benefit of having a thermal imaging survey is that it can quickly scan and measure the temperature distribution throughout all surfaces of mechanical and electrical equipment when under normal conditions. The efficiency of a thermal imaging survey clearly presents issues, so you don’t end up wasting time with a lengthy inspection, pre-work preparations, or surprise problems later on. You can, therefore, promptly and accurately identify and solve any problem.

  • Reducing risks of safety issues and occupational health

If there is early intervention and detection of potential occupation health and safety risks, it will help in preventing hazardous failure of equipment, fire risk and personal harm. It is also an added benefit also have and depend on a good insurance policy. You may be eligible to get a discount for premium insurance.

  • Its 100% non-invasive

The best thing about having thermal imaging inspections is that they use thermal imaging cameras with infrared technology. These infrared cameras are passive instruments, and can therefore detect infrared energy that is being emitted from an object’s surface.

Due to the passive and also non-invasive approach, it will ensure that thermographers can maintain a safer distance from potentially hazardous equipment or substances. There is also no potential risk for damage to the equipment or systems as a results of a thermal survey.

  • It meets risk compliance

Most people don’t know that thermographic surveys support processes that are involved in regulatory compliance especially with safety and health legislation. However, it also meets the insurance-specified assessment risks and prevention criteria.

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