When considering the cost of termite treatment, many people overlook the obvious. What will it cost if you do not treat your home? 

In the long haul, termite damage can be more destructive and cost you more money than damage caused by hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, and floods. And to make matters worse, the damage is not covered by your insurance. That’s why it vital to act soon if you see the signs of infestation. 

The actual cost to treat your home for termites can vary depending on the type of construction and the severity of your infestation. On average, most termite control programs can range from one thousand to several thousand dollars. 

Important factors that affect the price of a termite treatment include the square footage of your home, the layout, crawl spaces, and whether you are on a slab or basement. Not only do these things factor into the price, but they also affect the type of treatment your home will require. 

First Things First

Ask questions before committing to a company or deciding the type of treatment you need for your home. We’ve provided a list of relevant issues to ask any termite company before they treat your residence: 

  • How long has the pest control company been in business?
  • What level of experience do the employees have?
  • Is there a guarantee for the work, and for how long?
  • Will they treat your home again in 12 months as a courtesy?
  • Are the technicians licensed and insured for your state?
  • Do the technicians have ongoing training?
  • Does the company offer a free, no-obligation estimate?

Protect Your Biggest Investment

Your home, condo, townhouse or other dwelling place is one of your most significant investments. Investing in termite treatments can help maintain the value of your home. 

If you are on our site now, you are probably in need of some termite treatments for your home. Hiring a qualified pest control expert can help you maintain a structurally sound home by killing the pests that are eating out its core. 

Usually, such exterminators make customer satisfaction one of our highest priorities. 

Reach out to one who pledges to respond within 24 hours or less. Your property is essential to your family, and the last thing you want is to end up on someone’s backlog. 

Schedule Your Free No Obligation Termite Inspection

Make sure to do business with an exterminator that is confident of their prices and services to be competitive. Call a veteran exterminator today to have one of their trained professional technicians inspect your property and provide a FREE price quote. 

Reputable pest control companies will provide you with a fair estimate that is both competitive and accurate. Don’t put off your FREE inspection. Those termites won’t stop their damage while you wait to decide; they will keep eating away at your beautiful home. 

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