Buying Granite for Home Upgrade Projects

Granite is one of the most remarkable décor elements in any modern home. It’s popularly used for flooring, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms. It’s easy to maintain and adds to the home appeal. It’s no wonder every interior décor prefer granite for room décor. However, granite comes in varied colors, patterns, and thicknesses, and it’s critical to make a wise selection.

Are you shopping for granite for your home upgrade project? Here’s a guide to help you.

1. Set a budget

The cost of granite mostly depends on the quality and pattern. This means that you’ll get granite at varying prices in different stores. Set a budget and compare prices depending on your budgetary limit. Some stores offer competitive rates, and it’s also wise to compare the granite quality and the price among different shops. Go for the best deals but don’t compromise on quality.

2. Make a wise color choice.

Kafka Granite manufactures granite in varied color hues and sizes. Go for a color that blends in well with your furniture, cabinets, floor, and other appliances in your home. Oder a few pieces at first to determine if your choice suits home décor.

If you still can’t find the best match for your home. Why not go for neutral colors? Trendy colors are appealing but may lose appeal over time. If you lack adequate light in your home, choose a lighter shade to help lighten up your home interiors. A bright room creates the illusion of space and makes your room appear bigger.

3. Consider the slab thickness.

If shopping for granite for your kitchen countertops, consider the slab thickness. The standard sizes are ¾ and 1 ¼ thickness. The thicker one is stronger but more costly. The thinner one requires lots of support for the overhangs.

There are also different types of edges; these are, bullnose, chiseled, beveled, and rolled edges. All will impact the appearance of your countertop. If shopping online, choose your granite from a physical shop, and order online later. You’ll get all the finer details in the granite variations available.

4. Examine the finish

 Granite slabs come in different finishes. These are polished, leather, and honed finish. With a polished finish, you’ll get a smooth and shiny surface, but the granite is less porous than the other varieties. Honing granite has less shine and provides a more matte finish. On the other hand, a leather finish is more textured, just like a leather fabric. Check the different types of finish available and choose depending on the use of the granite slabs.

5. The pattern also matters!

You’ll get a wide range of granite patterns. For your countertops, you’ll get marbled, speckled patterns, and all produce different effects. If you love a minimalistic look, a solid-colored countertop would be ideal. You can as well choose contrasting colors to add a sense of specking or marbling to your slabs.

Final thoughts

To get quality granite slabs, visit different fabrication companies, and get quotes. Also, compare the prices and go for what matches your price limit. Only shop for legitimate companies or dealers and pick the best color to match other fittings in your home.

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