A guesthouse can be a significantly profitable business. However, it essential that your guesthouse is equipped with certain essential items to ensure that your guests are able to enjoy their stay. This will also encourage your guests to return and promote your business. Many people opt for a guesthouse stay because they usually offer a more comfortable environment in comparison to big hotels. Here are a few essential things that you must have in your guesthouse.

#1 A Standby Generator

A standby generator is something every guest house should be fitted with. This type of generator is permanently installed and they are able to start automatically as soon as the power goes out. This is the most ideal solution to keep your guests happy during power outages. Unexpected power outages can negatively affect business for a guest house because guests will be left in the dark and they will not be able to enjoy all that their rooms have to offer, which is why a standby generator is crucial.

#2 Several Power Outlets

It should be expected that your guests will be arriving with various gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. These gadgets will all need to be charged and your guests will find it quite disappointing if there are not enough power outlets available in the rooms to accommodate all their gadgets. Undeniably, every guest house should have bedside outlets as a minimum standard.

#3 Blackout Drapes

Most guests may even ask for blackout drapes, especially if they are arriving from a long flight and would like to be able to sleep in. While the patterns and colors of the drapes should compliment the theme of the room, you should opt for blackout drapes. This will ensure that your guests feel as welcome as possible and that they are able to get a good night’s rest without disruptive lights from outside.

#4 A Quality Luggage Rack

A full-size luggage rack will help to ease guests that are concerned about bed bugs and pesty critters invading their luggage. The best place for a luggage rack is inside a cupboard. While not all guesthouses are concerned with the idea of luggage racks, this is an essential item that will allow your guests to rest easy without considering whether or not they should just leave their luggage on the floor.

#5 Toothbrush And Bathroom products

Your guests may want to freshen up upon arriving, especially if they have traveled a long distance. Be sure to keep sealed toothbrushes and a small toothpaste in the bathroom along with other products such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It will be undeniably unpleasant for your guests to have to unpack and search for toiletries when they have arrived, or worse yet, some guests may forget to bring their own bathroom products. Other essential bathroom items include hand towels and bath towels.

#6 A Room Services Menu

Every guesthouse should place room service menus in each room. Technology may have come a long way, although, most guests still prefer an old fashioned piece of paper listed with available food and drinks. Complimentary free water bottles and a coffee machine are also great things to keep in each room.

#7 Soft And Hard Pillows

Some guests may prefer soft pillows and others may prefer hard pillows. To accommodate the individual needs of each guest, you should keep both options available in the room for your guests to be as comfortable as they would be at home. Each room should also have a warm blanket as well as a light blanket. Guests may not want to be phoning room service after a long trip to ask for suitable pillows and bedding and this will leave guests feeling unwelcome and uncomfortable.

Guests Prefer Bathroom Doors That Close

Archways that lead into the bathroom may seem like a great idea, however, guests often do not feel the same way. Each room should have a bathroom door that can be closed to allow your guests privacy. Even if your guests are a couple, it is highly likely that they will still feel the need for privacy. Opting for an enclosed shower, rather than just a pane of glass, is also a great idea that your guests will love.

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