Ever wondered what cooks those beautiful golden fried chips or french fries at your favourite restaurant or cafe? Yes, that’s probably a fryer doing the job for you. As compared to a fat fryer, the air fryer is a better alternative as it uses less oil or sometimes, no oil at all. But with so many options available in the market and on online platforms, which one should you really go for? So before you start searching for Gourmia air fryer reviews to put the fryer into your cart, let us first go through some important tips you can follow to get the best air fryer to suit your requirements. 

The types of air fryers

Before we go straight away to the tips, let us first understand the two major types of air fryers available today – 

  1. Ones with the pull out tray – So these fryers have a tray or bowl that you can pull out. The food is of course placed inside the tray or bowl but you would not be able to check the progress without pulling the food out. 
  2. Ones with a bowl – Usually bigger in size, they come with a viewing window which allows you to check the progress of food without having to pull out the food. Even with this edge, they are not preferred by top cafes and restaurants. 

Features to look out for 

Reading Gourmia air fryer reviews before selecting your pick from the lot might just be a good way to start off. However, you should also know what feature would be more beneficial to you. So here are some added features that you can check for in your fryer before buying it. 

  1. Stirring paddle – As fancy as it sounds, it sometimes does make things more complex. The stirring paddle is attached into the fryers so that it can turn your food around to give even heat and thus make your food properly cooked inside. As they often end up breaking the food into pieces, most of the paddle laced fryers are used without their stirring paddles. 
  2. Digital timers – Almost all air fryers come with a timer which allows you to set the time for cooking your food. Where some of them have manual timers to be set by turning the dial, the ones with digital timers give a better sense of convenience as you are able to check how much time is left in the clock for the food to be cooked!
  3. Smart features – An air fryer that can be controlled with an app on your tab or phone? Why not? Even though it is more on the luxury side of things, this feature allows you to conveniently set timers, check temperatures, start or stop cooking the food
  4. Dishwasher safe parts – A crucial feature you should always consider. Every time your air fryer is used, it needs to be washed and if your air fryer is not dishwasher safe, it becomes more complex a process to wash it or its parts. Your tray and even the paddle should be dishwasher safe. 
  5. An extra cooking rack – two is better than one then why not cooking two different dishes at once in the same fryer? The extra cooking rack allows you to cook two different types of foods without having to mix them and saves both your time and efforts. 

With these added features to consider, you would find it easy to choose the few top models to finally buy the air fryer which would suit your needs. 

How to finally buy the air fryer

  1. Research well – The first step to buying a good air fryer especially when you are a beginner is to research well. Check out the different models available, read about the features and offerings. You can check out the reviews from some of the top brands to know what people look for or prefer as per their requirements. After all, reading a few Gourmia air fryer reviews is only going to help you buy the best one. 
  2. Compare the prices and the features – The final step after having narrowed down to some top models from reviews and research is to compare the features as well as the prices. You should stick to a budget to get your air fryer and avoid overspending!


Remember, it is not about choosing the best air fryer model in the market. Whatever you choose, will be upgraded by the same brand or a competitor in a matter of months. The air fryer you buy need not be the best, but certainly should be the best suited for you. Go for reliability and features even if the budget has to be stretched to some extent. After all, well cooked food has no alternative!

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