Are you tired of the traditional ways of washing clothes and hurting your hands?? Or your old traditional washing machines stop working whenever it feels like? Then it is high time for you to get your home a brand new washing machine and make it easier for yourself to complete your daily chores easily.

Washing machines nowadays are available at an affordable price and are not expensive at all to be considered a luxury. If you are thinking to buy yourself a new washing machine, we are providing you a list of the best washing machines in India as of 2019 keeping in mind the affordable budget.

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1.      Whirlpool 360 Degree Bloomwash Ultra

Whirlpool is one of the most popular home appliance brands that has gained our trust over the years. Hence, it is totally justifiable to add whirlpool’s product in the list of best washing machines in 2019.

The whirlpool 360-degree bloom wash ultra is top loaded and fully automatic which decreases a lot of your hectic work and makes washing easy. It has a capacity of 7 kg and offers 12 amazing wash programs based on the type and load of the fabric being washed.  Besides these 12 features, the machine brings other features that include 360 bloom wash that allows the clothes to move in 360-degree tumble motion giving the perfect wash to your clothes. Do not worry about the condition of your clothes, it has 6th sense tumble care technology that senses the load and carries out the 360-degree tumble motion further.

 the bloom wash ultra has 4 different levels of drying and an inbuilt water heater that heats up the water by choice to remove the tough stains properly and leaves germ free clothes.

2.     IFB Senator Aqua SX

IFB has come with a front loading fully automatic washing machine with a capacity of 8kg which is best for 4-5 members. Its washing technique is different than the others on the list. The machine is equipped with multiple systems namely air bubble wash system releasing air bubbles in the water which in turn activates detergent particles further providing added benefits of cleaner wash by penetrating detergent into the fabric, aqua energie system to treat hard water into soft water adding on to the careful washing and machine’s long-lasting.

Operating on the multiple wash programs like laundry add, time delay, and many more, the washing machine ensures you get the best and cleanest clothes while saving detergent as it uses a ball valve technology that lets the water flow and detergent collected which can be used again.

It comes with a 3D wash system letting the clothes to soak thoroughly and child lock as added security.

With the costing, it does provide all the worthy features is one of the best washing machines.  

3.     Haier HWM58-020

The Haier HWM58-020 has a capacity of 5.8 kg and is top-loaded fully automatic. It comes with 6 washing programs and a digital display updating you with the wash process from time to time. The single spin tub is multipurpose and can be used for both washing and drying. The special size drum holes at the bottom of the spin tub prevent the abrasion of the clothes and keep them safe. It uses a quadra flow pulsator that ensures that detergent particles reach to every cloth area without tangling them among themselves.

Also, you get an additional function of quick wash in case of emergency when you need to clean and dry your dirty clothes in less time.  

The best feature of this machine is that it calculates the time the washing would take depending upon a load of clothes being put to wash in the machine.

Number of features at such a low price is what makes it one of the best washing machines.

4.     Samsung WA65M4100HV/TL

The highlight of Samsung WA65M4100HV/TL is its drum holes at the base of its spin drum. The drum holes are diamond-shaped and have depressions that prevent the fabric damage due to regular spinning by 34%. It has an air turbo drying system that extracts more water by drawing in more air and decreasing the drying time even for the heavy blankets.  The machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg.

The magic filter that is fitted in the side wall collects waste (lint, fluffs, and particles) of your clothes and prevents drain blockage.

The cleaning is so impeccable that it leaves minutest detergent residue by using a low amount of water and your clothes do not smell like detergent after the wash. The machines have a tempered glass door for you to check the process along with the digital screen.

Samsung is a trustable company and this model is well suited for your family.

5.     Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 702SD

And whirlpool comes again with its white magic premier 702SD. The 7 kg appliance offers 12 washing programs which are far beyond anyone’s imagination. The programs work not only for your convenience but also for the long-lasting of the machine itself. These washing programs are based on the type of clothes you are washing and the type of wash your clothes need.  

This machine makes through the list of best washing machines because of the technologies and features it uses. The 6th sense technology makes it easier for the machine to adapt to your daily washing needs. Not only that, for your convenience it comes with a 1-2-3 operation. You will have the perfect wash at just the press of three buttons. The machine is top loaded and fully automatic operating at a power scrub technology allowing your clothes to be washed by 3 surfaces giving you the whitest wash even with hard water.

You get an additional child lock feature to avoid any mishappenings with the wash settings.

Whirlpool white magic premiere is well-reviewed washing machine that adds beauty to your home. 


Do not hold yourself back from investing in what is called, a life savior for you and your clothes. Gift yourself a washing machine and lower down your workload as it is high time for you to be using the traditional ways of washing clothes. The brands mentioned in the above list are well known and well trusted. They have been known to deliver the best and hence, are highly recommended. We assure you that you will not be disappointed by putting in your money in any of these as they are known to be the best washing machines in India and are highly affordable.

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