Interior designs are fast changing with time, thus homeowners need to keep up with these new designs to enhance their modern lives. Among the rooms in the home that are attracting creative and unique designs is the bathroom. Redesigning your bathroom is not resource intensive. However, it is a task that you should approach with a lot of caution.


In most cases, the design concept of the bathroom is usually borrowed from the arrangement of the living space. Fortunately, there are numerous bathroom designs that homeowners can adapt to ensure they achieve the desired outcome.


These bathroom designs incorporate various aspects that add a unique touch to your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Designs

The modern bathroom designs involve the big names in the world of interior design teaming up with manufacturers of the best shower valves to create unique designs that give your bathroom a sophisticated touch. These designs are mostly influenced by global emerging trends whereby homes are alienating towards a loftier studio design. It involves eliminating the traditional model whereby bathrooms had separate spaces with dedicated functions. These designs are also bent on improving the efficiency of the bathroom and ensure the homeowner enjoys a unique experience.

Compacted living

Nowadays, the amount of space available is pretty limited. On the other hand, homeowners still have a burning desire to have some luxury in their bathrooms. This type of demand has left designers wondering how to introduce the aspect of luxury on a small space. One creative way of giving the homeowner what they want is through a stylish modular system that has been designed by Norm Architects; a furniture design studio. This bathroom furniture is versatile and unique which assures homeowners of nothing short but pure elegance.

Traditional Woodwork

Ceramics have been adopted in bathrooms but the new revolution promises to do away with ceramics completely and instead replace it with wood. With quality wood coupled with fine woodworking from the Japanese, you can create an oasis that merges the bedroom and bathroom to provide a cool atmosphere. The woodwork, on the other hand, will help deliver an impression that is simple yet unique. Additionally, there is the introduction of high-end technology in bathroom designs. This creates an opportunity to express the uniqueness and prove innovation. Apart from wood, marble may also come in handy in bringing that touch of class and elegance. Moreover, if you may wish, you may combine marble and wood to create a fresh design.


Bathroom colors

The coloring is a critical aspect when designing your bathroom. Traditional metals like copper are quickly fading away with preference being laid on white and black metals and brass. When it comes to the color choice, ash charcoals, beige and blond and forest green are being adopted more thus slowly eliminating the traditional pink from the bathroom scene.


Bathtub designs

Bathtubs are quickly changing in terms of color and design. Traditional bathtubs are being replaced with freestanding tubs. On the other hand, white is slowly being replaced by other colors on the bathtub. These colors are also enhanced with attractive designs which come in different shapes.


The washroom is the most important part of the house since it is used on a daily basis. A bathroom is a place to refresh, hence, a comfortable bathroom is crucial. Get the latest designs and make your bathroom as comfortable as possible.


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