One of the most relaxing hobbies you can take up when the weather is nice outside is gardening. Whether you have a large garden with tons of space, or you’re confined to a patio in order to grow things, there are many ways you can turn your space into a magical oasis of life.


Here’s our guide on the most unusual gardening ideas for you.

1. Vertical garden

If you are really limited in space, but you really have a hankering to get working with your green thumb, then you can utilize the space you have by hanging a vertical garden. It uses such a small footprint because the vertical garden it because, as the name suggests, it is built up rather than out. Vertical gardens are particularly effective when you’re working with a balcony or patio space, which allows you to add some green into an otherwise grey city landscape.

2. Retracting window gardens

Another option for if you’re living in the city where space comes at a premium is to hang a retracting window garden. This is perfect for those who don’t have a patio or any sort of outdoor space in their apartment. Fashioning a retracting window garden involves hanging plants vertically in a frame near the window that can be moved to the position the plants horizontally when you want them to get a bit of sun or for watering.

3. Greenhouse enclosures

There are a lot of benefits to greenhouses that can give longevity to your plants and protect them from critters and the cold. Greenhouses are pretty simple devices. They can sit over the top of your planter box or garden bed to keep the atmosphere consistent and protect the plants from the frost. A glass greenhouse can not only protect your plants, but can give your garden a nice tough of elegance as well. If you are growing vegetables, installing a greenhouse will ensure you get the most out of your plants.

4. Repurposed raised bed

Raised vegetable gardens are immensely popular these days, and people are finding all sorts of ways to make them stand out from the crowd. A raised bed is great for growing vegetables because their raised position allows them to drain really well. You can take your raised bed to a new level by making one out of repurposed materials. Beds made from wooden pallets are all the rage, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can make a rising table out of wood scraps you have laying around and create the perfect multi-level garden.


Spring time each year brings us lots of hope and promise, as this is the season where new things are planted and life begins. No matter what kind of space you are working with, there a ways to install the new garden that you’ve always dreamed of, as long as you know how to be creative. Use our guide to develop the best idea for your garden space, whether it is in a large area, small patio or tiny balcony.


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