As the summer months go on, and record breaking heat seems to come every year, and absolute necessity for everyday life – unless you live in the Arctic, is a good air conditioning system. Now, there are various units that are available in the market, including: central air, individual units for room, and freestanding Plug-in air conditioners. Whatever you may have in your home, there are some very basic principles to keep them functioning. These are, invariably, a great investment, especially if you live in equatorial cities. Heating and cooling is a vast industry with multiple billions of dollars in engineering cost put into it. But you, the everyday homeowner, can do a little bit of DIY in maintenance and in the basic upkeep of your very, very cool investment. Here are some ways to keep that unit functioning, problem-free, and ready to go when the sweat beads start to drop.

Clean It 

This might seem like an obvious tip, but basic maintenance is a sure fire way to keep your air-conditioning unit running for years to come. So, what is it about an air conditioning unit that needs upkeep? The answer, in short, starts with things that you can reach without pulling the unit out, and then graduating to a general clean. If you have a wall unit installed in your house, take a damp cloth with a little bit of soap and wipe down the outer grill. This is the absolute minimum means to keep dust from flying all over your bed. Wipe it down with a dry cloth, and run the unit for about five minutes in order to evaporate the leftover droplets.

Air Filter Upkeep 

Afterwards, there should be an air filter that is accessible while the unit is still in the wall. Take that out and remove all the excess dust from it much like the lint catcher in a dryer. Take a sponge, and give it a good old-fashioned scrub. Don’t worry about pieces of the sponge getting caught in the grill. This is, after all, a matter bigger than your sponge. If you have a central air unit, it may be more advantageous to just replace the air filter. They are a dime a dozen, and it takes 10 minutes to do. Remember, before you do any of this, make sure the unit is off. There’s nothing worse than accidentally opening any compartment of a moving engine pushing air. That is a great means to get dust on your face.

Hire A Professional 

Your next step in making sure that your conditioning unit is healthy is to have an HVAC service contract. Having that service contract ensures that the most expensive aspects of replacement and labor are within your wallet’s reach. And if you can, please go with a reputable company. There’s a clear difference between Joe Schmo and this aircon company in Singapore when it comes to service. Leave it to the East to be a shining example of efficiency and excellence. Often they’re only a few dollars every fiscal quarter. Sure, the contract may be purchased in full, upfront. However, remember that everything seems expensive up until the air conditioning breaks and you’re left in the 30°C heat with a crying baby or complaining children. At that point, every cent is worth the contract.

Air conditioning upkeep isn’t rocket science. You can do some of it without any prior knowledge. But the deeper you go, the more you realize that it is, indeed, science nonetheless. Eventually, you’re going to have to call the cavalry. But until then, do your diligence to keep that unit clean. Summers are getting hotter. It’s nice to have a bit of control. 

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