Smart Technology for Your Home

Isn’t it funny when you’ve reached a point where your home is smarter than you are? How many times have you forgotten to turn off the coffee pot before going to work or failed to turn on the security lights before going to bed at night? You’ve heard so much about smart technology for the home and now you are wondering if there is any reason, other than lapses in memory, to begin fitting your home with smart devices and controllers. Actually, smart technology is perhaps one of the soundest investments you can make at this time. Before researching a few tips to turn your home into a Smart Home, let’s look at some of the key reasons why this is something you might want to seriously consider.

Energy Efficiency More Than Compensates the Cost of Technology!

Obviously, the most serious issue from failing to turn off the coffee pot would be the risk of fire, but consider the wasted electricity keeping that pot hot. There are so many ways in which we waste electricity that we are not even aware of. From keeping water hot in the hot water tank to energy efficient climate control, you can save literally hundreds of dollars a year with a shift toward energy efficiency controlled by smart technology.

Cyber Security in Connected Devices

One of the things you should be aware of from the very start is that any connected device in your home is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers are always on the lookout to steal sensitive information such as passwords to your bank accounts and sadly, any connected devices you have can provide a path to your computer, and thus to your online bank access. For example, that new LG Wi-Fi enabled washing machine that can signal your phone when the load is done can also be hacked unless controlled by a central smart device controller.

Smart Technology Mitigates Wireless Risks

Wireless security cameras in the nursery are also connected. Imagine a hacker being able to access baby’s monitor to see that no one is in the room where baby is sleeping in his crib. Not only can a hacker connect to all your connected devices through the nursery camera but this is the point at which kidnappers would make an entry, putting your child’s safety at risk. There is a definite correlation between cyber security and home safety and a central Smart Home controller and interfaces can mitigate that risk significantly.

Now Didn’t That Make Your Life So Much Easier?

With one comprehensive system to manage Smart Home devices, you will instantly be relieved of much of the stress you have been experiencing. You no longer need to worry about whether or not that coffee pot is going to start a fire and you don’t need to jump out of bed to turn on your security lights. You can turn off the downstairs television, run your robot vacuum cleaner, and all without moving a muscle. You may need to stretch those vocal cords to activate your smart devices, but how much effort does that take? In fact, smart technology has sensors so you may not even need to talk! Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes, investing in Smart Home technology might just be the smartest thing you’ve done in many years.

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