If you’re considering replacing your windows in your home, you’re most likely replacing outdated, broken, or energy draining windows that need to be replaced. However, new window replacement will add value far beyond increased safety and energy efficiency. Window replacement will drastically improve the overall value of your home in both short term operating costs and long term resale value.

Increased asking price

When a homeowner installs new windows, they can reasonably tack on around 70% of the cost to the asking price on their home. With an average of a 70% return on investment, this makes window replacement one of the surest and best ways to increase home value.

New windows help discourage low offers

Windows are a surefire way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Observant home hunters will immediately notice if your home has outdated windows, and this will increase the odds that buyers will request a discounted selling price. When a home has outdated or dirty windows, a potential buyer can lowball the asking price by up to ten times the amount it would cost to replace the window. It’s far better to invest in window replacement upfront.

Decreased energy bills

New windows is a sound investment in the long and short run. While replacing windows will ultimately increase your home’s resale value, it will also drastically reduce your day to day energy bills. Depending on the current condition of your windows and their efficiency rating, homeowners can expect to see as much as a 20% reduction on their heating and cooling bills after replacing the windows in their home. This can translate to thousands of dollars over the course of several years. Energy efficiency is a an appealing component to potential buyers – they will be interested in finding a home that will have reduced operating costs.

Improved appearance

Older windows can become clouded or dirty over time, significantly reducing the appearance of your home from both the exterior and interior. When not properly maintained, wood windows can deteriorate over time. By replacing older model windows with newer materials such as fiberglass, you will not only enjoy a higher quality of light within your home but you will improve the curb appeal of your home’s outward appearance. Newer materials will also require less maintenance, and are easier to clean.

Window replacement is an investment that is guaranteed to increase your home’s value when installed by a local contractor. Window replacement will result in immediate and long term cost savings. In the short term, you can expect a moderate to significant reduction in your heating and cooling bills due to increased energy efficiency. In the long term, new windows will ensure your home’s resale value will be as high as it can possibly be. By investing in new windows, a homeowner can expect to see thousands of dollars of savings over the course of several years.

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